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Sample Digital Marketing Automations

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Product Interest Tagging

This automation uses Site Tracking to tag contacts who have repeatedly visited a product page on your website. If they visit the product page two to five times they are tagged as "Interested in Product X" and if they visit six or more times they are tagged as "Very interested in Product X." These tags can be used to segment and send targeted offers. 
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Product Interest Targeted Follow-up

Use this automation to deliver messages that align with the product a contact is interested in. It begins when a product interest tag is applied. It should send content and offers that are related to that product interest so you can strengthen your relationship with the contact and incentivize them to make a purchase. 
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Unsubscribe If No Engagement

If someone is ignoring your emails, they are harming your deliverability. This automation helps you remove uninterested contacts from your list by politely inviting them to unsubscribe if they haven't shown any signs of engagement in two weeks. If they decide they still want to hear from you, all they need to do is click a link and they will stay subscribed.
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Forward A Campaign

This automation sends an email that delivers a reward for forwarding your email campaign. To encourage this, you could place a call to action at the bottom of all your email campaigns along the lines of "Forward this campaign to a friend and get a 10% off coupon!" The incentive will encourage sharing and increase purchase frequency (when they redeem the coupon).
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Here Are Some Other Automation Examples Currently In The System. 
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Upgrade Incentive and Outreach

This automation looks for contacts that viewed your upgrade page. If they didn't make a purchase after two days, it sends them a coupon code to incentivize upgrading. If they still didn't make a purchase three days later, it sends them an email asking them why. This begins a conversation with your contact giving you a chance to address their concerns. You also gain valuable insight into your customers' pre-purchase hang-ups so that you can improve your marketing copy and purchase process. 

Upsell After Purchase

Increase your average order size. If a customer is tagged as having purchased a product, but do not have the accessory product's tag, it sends them an email to ask if they want to add that accessory item to their order before it ships. You may want to incentivize this by giving them a coupon or offering free shipping.

Share Campaign On Social Media

This automation sends an email delivering your reward for sharing your campaign on social media. To encourage this, include a call to action along the lines of "Share this campaign on Facebook or Twitter and get a 10% off coupon!" at the bottom of your email campaigns. Rewarding them with a coupon will motivate them to share while helping to increase purchase frequency. 

Identify Possible Advocates

If someone returns to your site over and over, it's safe to assume they're a fan! Use this automation to find repeat visitors and apply a tag indicating they may be an advocate. You could use this tag to begin a follow-up sequence that nurtures the relationship and encourages advocacy. 

ECourse Delivery

Create an ecourse delivered by email and deliver it using an automation like this. You can use the ecourse as an incentive to get more opt-in subscribers. The messages in the ecourse give you a chance to provide helpful information. This will help you strengthen your relationship with the contact, position you as an expert, and give you an opportunity to introduce your products or services. 

"Need Help?" Message Triggered on Visit to Help Docs

This automation sends out a "how can I help you?" email after a contact visits your help documentation. If they are a customer, they get an email from customer support. If they aren't yet a customer, they get an email with replies going to someone in sales

Additional Automations Available

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