Pricing Schedule

McGrody Web Service Pricing Schedule

Digital Marketing In A 21st Century Digital World

McGrody Web Services Offers The Following Services -- Your Actual Cost Will Be Based On The Services You Choose:
  1. Responsive Website Design Services
  2. Digital Marketing Assistance Including Email Marketing Services
  3. Website Personalization Services
  4. SEO & Online Listing Services

1. Responsive Website Design Services
  • $525 One-Time Fee for a responsive web site (up to 25 pages) that effectively performs on a PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. Includes unlimited insertion of free and/or client-owned images (see optional image requirements below). Also includes basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services including site submission and site page indexing with major search engines (check out our SEO Services).

  • $171 Annual Fee for site hosting services including site analytics and site backup.

  • $50 Per Hour for site maintenance (or optionally $50 per hour for site maintenance training to allow clients to self-maintain their website).

  • $4 per image for additional royalty-free premium images required by the client (if available from the McGrody Web Services Image Library)
2. Digital Marketing Assistance Services
  • $50 One-Time Fee to set up an Email Marketing System that includes the ability to email market to 2,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month.

  • $15 Per Email Distribution to create and distribute any given email, within the limits of the system outlined above, to client subscriber base. To save marketing dollars, this task can be performed by the client. 

  • (*) $250 Per Digital Marketing Launch to create and manage one Lead Capture and Lead Follow-Up Marketing Campaign. (see below)

  • (*) $150 Per Online Ad to create, manage and report on one online ad with either Bing, Google or Facebook - $25 to create ad and $125 for Pay-Per-Click Budget. (see below) 

(*) Automated Digital Marketing Launch consists of one Digital Marketing Campaign ($250) and One Online Ad ($150):
  • Development of a Lead Magnet Client-Attraction Offer.

  • Development of a Landing Page/Web Site with Lead Capture Form.

  • Development of a Multi-Step Lead Nurture Auto-Responder Email Series.

  • Creation and implementation of one online ad of your choice (Bing, Google Ads or Facebook).  Includes $125 for pay-per-click fees and $25 for ad creation and placement.

  • Weekly tracking and reporting of the Automated Marketing Launch.
3. Website Personalization Services
  • Website Personalization Services Are Offered at the rate of $50 per hour
4. Online Local SEO and Local Listings Services
  • $50 One-Time Set Up Fee

  • $59.95 per month for the Online SEO and Listing Service (month by month billing - no minimum number of months)

  • $50 per hour for listing maintenance (services will be pro-rated and are performed only when needed or requested) 
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