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Digital Marketing Strategies Including Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Capture and Automated
Lead Follow Up Strategies

website design and automated digital marketing
Email Marketing

Send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns and keep in touch with your contacts and customers
website design and automated digital marketing
Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing channels using personal and behavioral data about your contacts
website design and automated digital marketing
Sales & CRM
Get more leads and close deals faster with our refreshing new take on customer relations
You're probably here because you are a small company trying to build your business by developing a steady stream of new prospects that turn into new clients.
Well, McGrody Web Services (MWS) is also a small business and it, too, is trying to build its business. The key to success is to:

  • Attract traffic to your website via an array of marketing efforts (print ads, online ads, attending conferences, networking, etc.) 

  • Present offers of perceived value to your site visitors 

  • Capture leads via a Lead Generation Form
  • Nurture those prospects until they become clients 

  • "WOW" your new clients with critical support in the early days of their business relationship with your company so that they become repeat buyers and/or upgrade their services with you 

  • And, finally, get your "wowed" clients to refer new prospects to your company allowing you to repeat the customer life cycle for sustained growth
So, How Does MWS Attract New Prospects? What Are Its High-Value Lead Magnets?

MWS is trying to grow its business by offering "something of value" to its site visitors. The simple intent is to have its site visitors submit a web form to receive a Free Report, A White Paper, Special Offer, or something of general and broad value.

Below you will find the Lead Magnet currently being offered by MWS -- our Done-For-You Offer. Check it out!
website design and automated digital marketing
website design and automated digital marketing
As an entrepreneur or small business owner you have big dreams and goals. The problem is most business owners are so bogged down with running their business, they have no time to focus on growing their business. 

As your Virtual Digital Marketing Assistant, McGrody Web Services brings owners more sales and profit by implementing professional, yet affordable, 21st-century digital marketing strategies and tactics into their business -- without the expense of internal human resource development.  
Here Are Some Of The Services That McGrody Web Services Can Provide:
  • Virtual Business Support 
  • Responsive Website Design and Maintenance
  • Email Newsletters and Auto-Responders 
  • Marketing and Sales Automation
  • Landing Pages and Opt-In Forms Development
  • Online Research 
  • Setting up and maintaining a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
website design and automated digital marketing
website design and automated digital marketing
Let McGrody Web Services Launch Your Digital Marketing Into the 21st Century with a 
professional, yet affordable, Done-For-You Program. See below for details...
website design and automated digital marketing
Turn this 
website design and automated digital marketing
Into this Automated Marketing Program
website design and automated digital marketing
This six-week program is designed to allow you to experience, at an affordable price, 
the impact of digital marketing strategies on your business.

Let McGrody Web Services launch your marketing into the 21st century with this six-week professional, yet affordable, lead-capture, automated marketing Done-For-You Program.

Here is what you will get:
  • Six week license of online Lead Generation Follow-Up and Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) SaaS (Software as a Service) system valued at $18.00 

  • One Automated Marketing Plan consisting of an Automated Lead Capture and Lead Nurture     Marketing Sequence with a retail value of $250.

    Includes creation of:
    1. Lead Magnet Client Attraction Offer
    2. Landing Page with Lead Capture Form
    3. Multi-Step Lead Nurture Auto-Responder Email Series

  • Creation and implementation of one online ad of your choice (Bing, Google Ads or Facebook). Retail value of $150 (includes $100 for pay-per-click fees and $50 for ad creation and placement.

  • Daily tracking and reporting of the automated marketing Done-For-You launch with a retail value of $100
All of the above has a total retail value of $518
  • $18 for six-week license of Lead Generation System and CRM

  • $250 for one Lead Capture and Lead Nurture Marketing Sequence

  • $150 for one online ad

  • $100 for daily tracking and reporting of overall campaign
Act now and get all of the above automated marketing tools and services for a special fee of $418 -- a savings of $100
I Want To Launch 21st Century Lead-Capture, Marketing Strategies For My Business And Your Six Week Done-For-You Program Sounds Fantastic.   

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website design and automated digital marketing
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